Core 6: Infection

Core 6: Infection


The Infection and Sepsis module seeks to introduce medical students to identifying and treating the potentially septic patient. It will highlight the current definition of sepsis, outline early and late signs and symptoms, and illustrate the best practice pathway for prompt investigation and treatment.

  • This module forms part of the Core Curriculum.
  • It requires less than 30 minutes preparation.
  • It can be taught in 1 to 2 hours.

Teaching This Topic

As with all modules, first familiarise yourself with The 9 Rules of STITCCH.

Sepsis is a deadly disease process and it his highly preventable, however that requires fast recognition, a low threshold for escalation and prompt interventions. Your goal as a teacher is to familiarise students with sepsis, and you have succeeded if you can feel confident that in clinical practice these future doctors will consider it in their differentials during clinical reviews and know that it is a medical emergency.

STITCCH Resources

Other Resources

Clinical Excellence Commission documents:

  • CEC document regarding the new international sepsis definitions (link)
  • CEC Adult Sepsis Pathway (link)
  • CEC Antibiotic Guideline in Sepsis (link)

Update History

 1 November 2016,  First Edition.

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John Voo via Flickr (link)

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