Core 1: Introduction to STITCCH and the Wards

Core 1: Introduction to STITCCH and the Wards


The Introduction module outlines some of the key tenets of a junior doctor's workplace and position description. It covers the role a junior doctor, how a ward wards, the contents of a patient's chart and how to access a patient's online record.

  • This module forms part of the Core Curriculum.
  • It requires no preparation.
  • It can be taught in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Teaching This Topic

As with all modules, first familiarise yourself with The 9 Rules of STITCCH.

This module requires no preparation, but despite this, it is the most appreciated session in STITCCH. A lot of medical students are simply not run through the basics of medical logistics and appreciated having common items discussed simply.

The curriculum is non-specific in the particulars of what to teach so adapt things to your own hospital and your own tastes. Keep it light and spend as much time on the ward as possible. Use actual charts and examples liberally throughout the session.

STITCCH Resources

Other Resources

  • Between the Flags information, Clinical Excellence Commission (link)

Update History

16 June 2016, First Edition.
5 October 2016, Second Edition.

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Vincent Perron via Flickr (link)

Core 2: Medications

Core 2: Medications