What is STITCCH?

The Surgical Trainee Initiated Teaching at Central Coast Hospitals (STITCCH) Programme is a pilot programme aimed at increasing JMO participation in student teaching. It seeks to provide a series of curriculum packs so JMOs new to teaching can access guidelines and resources on teaching key topics which benefit from a JMO's practical experience.

You can get involved by:

  • Downloading and using any of our curriculum packs (they are all free and licensed under a creative commons licence).
  • Sending any feedback on the current packs (including errors, omissions, new teaching ideas and student feedback) to us.
  • Suggesting and submitting new ideas for curriculum packs

A Brief History

STITCCH was created by several Junior Medical Officers from the Central Coast Local Health District in New South Wales, Australia. A lot of these doctors were interested in teaching however noted that there were a lot of other junior doctors who were reluctant to get involved - be it because they were nervous, unsure of what to teach, or short of time.

With help from senior doctors and with logistical and financial support from the University of Newcastle, STITCCH was formed and starting creating and trialing curriculum packs with local students. We trialed a variety of teaching styles and subjects - and following feedback we refined the curriculum into a core of ten subjects, which we feel:

  • Junior doctors can teach easily;
  • Take little to no preparation; and
  • Are unique and are not taught commonly by universities in their curriculum.

Every curriculum pack is released under a creative commons licence. That is, you are free to use it, copy it and redistribute it how you see fit. You don't even need to ask for permission: have some fun, and see what works. We'd appreciate it however if you let us know of any good ideas!

We look forward to working with you all in promoting teaching by junior doctors!


The contributors to STITCCH are Junior Medical Officers of the Central Coast District with generous assistance from staff at the University of Newcastle operating out of the Central Coast.

Junior Medical Officers

  • Richard Arnold
  • Amanda Dawson
  • Jeremy Webb
  • Ben Reardon
  • Natalie Nicholas
  • Sarah Wong
  • Shiram Swaminathan

Senior Medical Officers and Institutional Support

  • Amanda Dawson
  • Martin Veysey
  • Administrative Officers of the University of Newcastle Clinical School.